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cassette deck speed problem Author Sam Posted on January 18 2018 January 20 2019 Categories Cassette Deck Repair Leave a comment on Dual well cassette decks WE do NOT work on them. Recently it manifested the following symptom problem when I inserted a tape to play the mechanism flips back and forth between forard and reverse 3 times then ejects the tape. Jul 14 2017 The cassette recorder was a huge problem due to very narrow tape width and very slow speed. If the belt slips out of the groove when the turntable is rotating and is able to ride up or down on the spindle the platter will spin too fast. The belts age over time even without use and may even look allright but once they stretch a little too much they are no good. if it won 39 t play right pass on that deck. gt This deck has a bad capstan motor. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time Speed Wow amp Flutter azimuth and playback level For AKAI GXC 570D GXC 760D cassette tape deck Jvc TX w85 Dubbing Dual Cassette Deck. Free 2 day shipping on qualified orders over 35. The root of the problem was hidden in the language of the IEC standard enacted in 1978 and based on the original outdated 1963 Philips specification. The most common problem with the vintage tape decks is worn belts. You 39 ll find new or used products in Nakamichi Vintage Cassette Decks on eBay. This deck has been completely checked by a specialist in the field of vintage audio equipment and put in a top condition by him. Consumer electronics formerly used the term deck to distinguish them from a tape recorder the quot deck quot being part of a stereo component system while a quot tape recorder quot was more portable and usually had a self contained power amplifier and often speakers . You searched for sony cassette deck Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade vintage and one of a kind products and gifts related to your search.

Since it 39 s not just one or two I would strongly suspect that the cassette deck itself is the nbsp B and C type Dolby NR systems which reduce tape noise. I apply a lot of contact cleaner and work them by switching them back and forth 20x with a small screwdriver tugging on the arm back and forth. Jun 07 2020 With so many way to play your favorites the JMC 1250 music system accommodates both your love of the classics with a three speed turntable dual cassette deck and three CD player while not forgetting about your more modern musical needs too giving you Bluetooth technology and a remote control. While they are both playing listen for a bit to see if the cassette deck is playing faster or slower. Jun 30 2018 The problem is that for playback we need narrow head gap while for optimal recording it should be much wider. Pioneer CT W310 Dual Cassette Deck with Hi Speed synchronized copy recording. eCounter Reset Button COUNTER RESET Jan 27 2005 I used to make my living fixing vcr 39 s cassette decks stereo recievers car stereos etc. This is happening with both home made and store bought recordings. Twin cassette deck with auto stop Dec 31 2018 It sounds like this would be something wrong with the cassette deck or perhaps the input switching on the amp. My Nakamichi CR 7 has 2 problems. Cassette Deck Repair Cassette Deck Repair Chicago Need your Cassette Deck Repaired Well look no further Just Service Repairs all brands of Cassette Decks and all Electronics. Customers who bought this item also bought Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 Converting music on cassette tapes to digital music or back no longer is a complicated matter of hooking up your cassette deck to the PC. Eject the cassette tray amp then close it again amp play see what you get. Update 5 9 13 I am extremely happy to report that after 2 years my tape deck is still fully functional and I have not experienced any problems. Here s how you check the belt With a cassette inside press play and check if the cassette moves. 99 Time Remaining 1d 31m Buy It Now for only 15.

Visit our new daughter site www. On the right channel there is a high pitched tone. questions or problems concerning your tape deck please consult your nearest Sony dealer. Nov 13 2017 The Dual Cassette Tape Deck System works with normal and high speed dubbing also perfect for creating playlists and mixtapes. If the problem is one of fast speed this can be due to a belt that is improperly installed. Remove the cassette clean the heads wind the tape on a little amp see what result you get. Tape Deck BIC T 1 Two Speed Cassette Deck Broadband Electronics High Speed Tape Handling PERFECT WORKING CONDITION. Every cassette deck runs at a slightly different speed. All other functions like speed and eq work fine. com the Unofficial Nakamichi Cassette Deck resource since 1997 This site is NOT affiliated with Nakamichi it is purely a tribute to the Cassette Decks made by Nakamichi. They seem to be playing the tape too fast. re TD4200 Speed problem tape runs too slow Submitted by madog99 on February 15th 2019. Which is it Regardless without a speed test tape and a way to measure you nbsp 21 Sep 2018 Any ideas what could be the problem with my deck Speed is set using a 3KHz test tape and not by how many seconds it is over or under in nbsp I picked up a Panasonic Technics Stereo Cassette Deck 631 at an estate sale there is usually a screw or something similar that adjusts playback speed. Jun 08 2018 If the cassette player breaks down it is usually a mechanical problem that clever big brothers can quickly solve. Cassettes were more portable and didn t suffer from scratches and surface noise issues but tape hiss could be a problem . The Twin Field Super GX head brings top class performance to medium priced decks. Be respectful keep it civil and stay on topic. 0 8 Factory sealed SHARP RD 685AV professional cassette deck NOS 7. Selected material is of very good quality. Fixing slow cassette tapes will help you hear the recording at the proper speed. Cassette players were the go to audio media device of the 80s and 90s because they were lightweight portable and easy to record and play. Use the 440hz Tone to listen for excessive flutter coming from the deck. The shipment of CD players began in 1985.

is to address the problem for which this cassette deck is a potential solution. Here are a few of the recurring problems that patrons experience with their standard cassette players My cassette plays too fast. com Please register your Nak today in the registrationarea. Repairing your older Cassette Deck is still better then buying a new The first thing I noticed was prices were dirt cheap lots of choices for under 50 50 AU 50 and most were dual well double auto reverse cassette decks that deliver hours of uninterrupted To use this tape Connect the line out on your cassette deck to a frequency counter or oscilloscope play the 3150hz tone on our tape and adjust your decks speed to 3150hz 15hz. The studio I worked at for 22 years had a duplication room with 150 Technics cassette decks for real time duplication. I happen to know how these tapes are reproduced and the fact that this happens from time to time is not surprising at all. After 25 years it is pretty sure that your 25 year old machine needs new belts and a speed calibration. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Bluetooth 3. View entire discussion 1 comments 418. If a cassette deck is going to have some sort of catastrophic failure it is most likely to occur in the first year or two. Playback FF and Rev functions tested just prior to listing. It came out in 1982 Kenwood stereo double cassette deck serviced refurbished with new belts. 10 Jul 2005 I don 39 t know the unit you speak of but the tape speed problem may be adjustable. Check the slow cassette to see if it 39 s wound too tightly. A dirty contact can be a common problem both in the complex multi contact switch in a cassette deck mechanism that switches from playbac deck a dolby nr reverse mode a b synchro dubbing b c norm speed high speed play min max 1 2 5 3 4 6 input level 7 8 9 td w354 on off double cassette deck dolby b c nr hx pro power rec rec mute pause music scan counter resetcompu cal phones pitch control mix level mic slow fast min max deck a dolby nr reverse mode a b synchro dubbing b c norm Cassette Walkman with tape speed mod. To protect a recording on side A or B. Notes on Cassette Tapes To protect a recording on side A or B Apr 09 2009 Except for quot audiophile quot base speed cassettes if any such ever existed cassettes are high speed duplicated with duplication machines that were poorly set up and calibrated and this results in dreadful sound. The sound was defective compared with the other deck . I own a dr 1 it 39 s a less attractive belt driven cassette deck 1.

If you have a tape with a continuous test tone recorded then so much the better Demagnetizers are sometimes used on cassette decks but they are rarely needed and usually don 39 t produce enough field strength to demagnetize. Synchronized dubbing at normal or high speed. This was due to the fact that two belts including the capstan belt had turned to goo which is a common problem in many cassette decks from this vintage because of poor rubber formulations . The tape magnetized by DC erase had a very slight tendency to magnetize the record play head s over time. You need to clean away any dirt from the deck if the problem is the deck. The Model 6300 cassette deck from NAD is designed within a tradition of high performance with few frills. 00 ON Jul 04 2020 7 FOR SALE Nakamichi Dragon discrete head cassette deck Cassette Tape Decks amp Tapes 1500. 5 of 140mv to the output of 4. The treble boost of Nakamichi 39 s cassette decks was well known to the press before the advent of the Dragon it had been discussed in American journals in 1981 and 1982. Symptoms of worn belts will include dragging eating tapes coming up to speed slowly the mechanism locking up and not allowing you to eject the tape and excessive wow and Feb 26 2009 The tape speed is slow for some reason. the following steps can be taken to correct the problem. As received it was not operational. Saturation distortion noise wobble it 39 s all there. With the Teac W 1200 you don t just get to hear your old cassettes again or even newly purchased ones but also record and archive them too. with no other differences other than cosmetic same inside except for belts being used. You can copy cassettes in real time or double speed. Signal is recorded on either used cassette or on new Maxell UR 90 minute tape.

2 calibrate the transport speed 3 calibrate the bias to the tapes you use most nbsp 19 Oct 2014 What is the problem and over what range of speed changes is it Is it a recorder with slowly dying batteries where the speed is ramping down nbsp Wow is a relatively slow variation in the frequency of reproduced sound caused by slow speed variations in records tape recorders etc. For loose cassette tapes remove the screws that Wow and flutter This measures frequency stability which is affected by small and regular speed variations caused by flaws in a tape deck s rotary components such as the capstan and pinch roller. Tandberg 39 s achievement comes as no surprise. More likely is the drive mechanism or a part of it in the deck wearing out. 7 9 Sony CFS W338 Stereo Boombox with Dual Cassette Decks and 2 Speed Tape Dubbing. an automatic recording level control that purports to set the ideal recording level a recording mute function NAKAMICHI CR 7A LEGENDARY CASSETTE DECK THE LAST AND THE BEST OF THE BREED for sale. I have a collection of Vinyl 39 s forty fives amp cassette n excellent condition so very happy I found Jensen. 0 Supports A2DP HFP Belt Drive 3 Speed Stereo Turntable 33 45 78 RPM 3 CD Changer Player with Motorized CD Tray. Newegg offers the best prices fast shipping and top rated customer service The Audio Archive Shown in the above image clockwise from top left Nakamichi PA 7 power amplifier ST 7 tuner sitting on top of the CA 7 control amplifier OMS 7 CD player CR 7 cassette deck CR 7A cassette deck and CR 5A cassette deck. Stand out features are high speed dubbing and suppor of both ferrics and chrome tapes. No manual and no remote control. Very nice clear instructable thanks My google search for a solution to this problem turned up your fix and it was the first time I had heard of the instructables site. It also features dolby B and C HX Pro noise reduction. Jul 18 2020 Type 2 head single compact cassette deck. Shipping fedex ground lower 48 states only.

There is probably a worn out belt in the transport and the motion Problems 1. I measured it using a 3 150 Hz test tone recorded at 10 dB indicated level on each tape deck. If the tape were stretched you would have to adjust the capstan speed to. A cassette deck is a type of tape machine for playing and recording audio compact cassettes. Jun 10 2016 If you 39 re looking for a quality cassette deck with flexible feature count the Teac W890R MKII fits the bill. For the last word in stable tape drive greatly reducing drop outs and changes in level due to variations in tape tension over the heads the tape is held between two capstans and their corresponding pinch rollers on the take up and supply sides unlike the normal single capstan plus pinch roller combination. Also it was necessary to hold down the machine when pushing the play button. Use a small demagnetizer designed for a tape deck or cassette deck. Buy Pyle Pro Dual Cassette Deck with MP3 Converter featuring Convert Tapes to MP3 Normal High Speed Copy Function Two Speed Direct Dubbing from Cassette Dynamic Noise Suppression Supports CrO2 Tapes Metal and CrO2 Tape Selector RCA Inputs and Outputs USB Port PC and Macintosh Compatible Requires Free Audacity Software. Press DUBBING SPEED to set to HIGH or NORMAL. The internal speed control IC C1470 is gt charred. Why you ask Wow is the slow variation in speed with a period below 6 Hz. Please could some one advise me on what the cause could be Does a smaller belt cause this problem Many many nbsp 18 Oct 2018 You say it runs way too fast and then that the music sounds slow. The deck contains a sensor which shuts off the transport when the tape ends this is why the deck shuts off after you press play. There was a problem subscribing you to this newsletter. It was manufactured in West Germany in 1979. if the speed Sep 15 2017 The problem is usually in the cassettes not the cassette player. Its origins lie with the KX 900 in 1980. The Problem Unless you re part of the culture or more likely the cult that has a special fondness for the sound of cassettes you might wonder why anyone would be interested in buying a new cassette deck in 2019. This system has a 3 speed stereo turntable to play your record collection a 3 CD changer and an auto stop dual cassette deck. In response to many requests for information on Nakamichi tape decks I have developed the following FAQ. You can test this my pressing the pinch roller into the capstan by hand. 2 MHz is required and so a tape speed of approximately 5 meters per second is a prerequisite.

The front panel has dual 1 4 quot Mic inputs and a headphone jack with volume control. Cassette decks and playback speed Jan Vigne 4 For Cassette Decks such as Nakamichi Pioneer Teac Akai Technics Sony Sansui and more What is restoration This is a very thorough repair in the way that even minor problems are corrected and the performance is restored to a new like condition sometimes maybe better according to past customers see View Entries below . A far as checking speed I just use my ears a song from a CD and a cassette with the same song. Can you get a 3 kHz cassette test tape to check your cassette deck 39 s speed Rail. Discuss Sony TC WE475 dual cassette deck Sign in to comment. Electronic Tape Elapsed Time Counter Tape Dubbing Normal High Speed Music Skip Search Blank Skip Carver td 1440 service manual original repair book stereo cassette deck tape 15. com Dual Stereo Cassette Tape Deck Clear Audio Double Player Recorder System w MP3 Music Converter RCA for Recording Dubbing USB Retro Design For Standard CrO2 Tapes Home Use Pyle PT659DU 3. that way you can instantly tell if something is wrong. So what you will be doing is adjusting the motor 39 s speed using the 440hz tape and chromatic tuner as a guide to make sure pitch is accurate. Audio Player 39 s Cassette Deck Mechanism Efforts on developing a machine which could record produce sound started as early as in 1830 by Michael Faraday and in 1857 by Leon Scot. I got really quick at replacing heads and motors Dec 15 2009 It doesn 39 t matter if the tape is stretched the tape speed is governed. Obscure service subjects that don 39 t quite fit go in the Help and Do It Yourself subforum. A cassette deck records and plays audio signals stored on a magnetic tape. I may also have a schematic of this Device. I now own a Nakamichi DR 1 3 head cassette deck with a playback azimuth control and output level control and the simpler DR 2 also a 3 head deck but without the above mentioned controls . Make sure the record protect tabs on the cassette in deck B have not been removed. It will not eject powered up or not there is a tape Nakamichi Cassette Deck FAQ March 2000. He replaced all the It boggles the mind how easily a tape deck 39 s speed can go out of spec and yet there are very few decks which have a speed control on the front of the unit. That is the slower the tape speed the poorer the audio quality becomes. Dec 26 2001 the biggest problem with this would be matching the speed at which the tape player was going to the speed at which mp3 play back would occur. this can also happen to the cd rece my 92 Camry has the OEM tape deck.

Yamaha KX360 the speed has slowed so that it is roughly one semitone below nbsp 3 Sep 2017 cassettes they intermittently speed up than slow back down to what i believe is normal speed throughout playback on both sides of the tape. Dec 09 2018 This is a detail measurements of the iconic Nakamichi Dragon Vintage cassette deck. Insert the recorded cassette into deck A and a blank cassette into deck B. As regards the Sony that will be ruled out due to the one speed of 45 rpm. Jul 03 2020 FOR SALE Refurbished 1980 AKAI GX M50 3 Head Tape Cassette Deck rare grey finish Cassette Tape Decks amp Tapes 450. If the tape still does not move then the problem points to the belt. if it plays back slow you might can use it until you get it 1980 Double speed recording and playback Teac C 3X Noise reduction Dolby C Sony TC FX6C Nad 6150C High Com Telefunken CC 20 Tandberg TCD 3004 Dedicated calibration meter Powered cassette When the company stopped manufacturing cassette decks in the 1980 39 s a company called South Street Service Company bought up the spares inventory and does supply both spares and service for the company 39 s products BIC was one of the few cassette player manufacturer that made recorders that supported double speed. This is about as modern and up to date as it ever got with a full featured cassette tape deck and will play and record regular high bias and metal tapes. Common causes of this problem are a dirty cassette faulty pinch roller or a misaligned tape. No Serial port We were contacted by site visitor Raymond Buttery with the following plea quot I have only 1 Serial Port Used for UPS Will the Plusdeck work with a Belkin USB to Serial Apr 20 2018 Technics Cassette Deck problem continued Silva Bradford. The seller whom I bought it from claims it was tested and cleaned. Featuring a discrete three head design you could monitor your recordings right from the tape just like an open reel deck and the ZX 7 also featured the industry standard Dolby B and the newer Dolby C noise reduction. In 1856 an American scientist Rap Hadly surprised the whole world by somehow recording and reproducing sound. I had already attempted a repair using the existing belt but Apr 22 2017 I just got an used Aiwa AD R505 cassette deck for playing old metal demos and stuff. Problem associated with Microcassette machines concerns the nbsp We specialise in tape transfers many of which are multitrack cassette tapes. 28 Aug 2014 Slow and very very wobbly. In the comment you mentioned that all of your cassette tapes sound slow. Supports most cassette types Whether you 39 re dealing with Type I iron oxide or II chrome playback tapes or Type IV metal hi fi cassettes the 202mkVII has you covered. one recorded at exactly 1 7 8 quot inches per second and containing a sine wave at a known frequency I had to resort to other means. For subjects related to tape itself see the Cassette Tape subforum under this one.

That boost will be recorded and will not go away. Access Google Sites with a free Google account for personal use or G Suite account for business use . I have an akai gx f71 very complex 3 head 3 motor transport cassette deck that I used neoprene o rings from a auto parts store to fix idler tire problems. 1 In two head decks the gap size is chosen as a compromise that affects the quality of recording. May 19 2019 After reassembly speed and take up torque were set with a TEAC MTT 211 speed tape and a Sony torque measurement cassette. Jul 12 2020 Play record and archive your cassette tapes with the flexible Teac W1200. Sony CFS W338 Stereo Boombox with Dual Cassette Decks and 2 Speed Tape Dubbing The deck features a series of unique solutions and it was awarded with the quot sterreichische Staatliche Auszeichnung quot and the quot Award for Design and Engineering quot in Chicago. High speed dubbing penalizes sound quality. Please donate parts and broken decks in donationarea nakamichi cassette deck 1 limited em a o utilizando fita tdk ferro e dolby b. For this reason I am not a big fan of dual cassette decks unless you spend a lot of money on a really high quality deck. It has remarkably increased since 1988 and reached 600 thousand units 4 in 1989. The Marantz 5220 has been in my possession for 7 years i am the 2nd owner and never had a problem it consistently played perfect. The deck remains in a standby non operative mode for approximately 2 seconds after it is switched on. This is out of spec for this transport but still reasonable enough given that I used a capstan belt of unknown provenance. Jun 11 2020 FOR SALE 2 NAD 6300 Cassette decks with Remote Cassette Tape Decks amp Tapes 950. 21 May 2010 My question is there a way to fine tune the speed of the deck to adjust for the new belt Is this a normal problem when replacing a belt I have nbsp And if any of those tapes were recorded on a deck that had a wow problem you 39 ll only compound it by playing the tape back on a deck that also nbsp cassettes. Cassette players varied widely ranging from simple voice recorders to high tech sound mixing equipment for the studio. Jan 24 2017 Not all of Sony s full size cassette decks have a great reputation but the TC K611S from 1994 was one of the stand outs. 21 Dec 2017 Still with some patience and a steady hand it 39 s not difficult to make minor adjustments to your cassette deck 39 s speed if it 39 s running too slow or nbsp Hey all I have 2 tape decks with different speed problems 1. There are 1985 cassette deck for sale on Etsy The SP speed of a VHS VCR corresponds to a linear tape speed of only 1 5 16 ips slower than for an audio cassette deck 1 7 8 quot ips . Sent with Australia Post Standard.

The duplication process is very fast think rewind speed or faster. Bring out your cassettes Rediscover precious music on your cassette tapes with this impressive Teac twin cassette deck. Compare the tape to the record and make the speed adjustment on the tape deck as needed. Clock Display Sleep Timer Auto Stop Dual Cassette Deck AM FM Stereo Receiver with PLL Digital Tuning Aug 20 2020 One day my 16 year old sheltered self discovered an opportunity to grab a treasure trove of cassette tapes in one shot from the Columbia House Music Club all for a penny Aug 18 2020 With my best usb turntable with cassette decks guide and product reviews I ll help you make a more better decision and get a product with the benefits you need. Even when there is no tape in there its still present. Remaining popular with professionals in audio applications not only for music but for re recordings in places of worship at business meetings copying from and unto CD and Mini disc recorders audio books or pure nostalgia for this retro format. Caused by a loose tape static electricity build up or the wrong speed. However the effective tape speed as seen by the video heads is over 15 feet per second due to the spinning video head drum. If you have a TT with a strobe set it to the proper speed and tape a couple of tracks. If the problem is the misaligned tape just lightly smack it on its side so that the tape lines up evenly on the tape reels. The reason is tape saturation leading to distortion. Nakamichi Dragon Cassette Deck LPs and 45 rpm singles remained the unchallenged music formats throughout the 1950s 1960s and well into the 1970s when the Compact Cassette really took off. Buy PYLE PT649D Dual Cassette Deck Double Cassette Tape System for Audio Mixtape Recording CrO2 Tape Selector High Speed Dubbing Rack Mount at Walmart. It 39 s a new frequency generator DC motor with Phase Locked Loop speed control servo that actually checks and corrects for even the most infinitesimal speed variations 1 247 times every second. The direct drive transport provides optimal tape speed stability which keeps the wow and flutter problems found on other cassette decks to a minimum. When you 39 re archiving your cassette tape collection in MP3 format you can use double cassette players to record two cassette tapes at the same time. Also the machines have nbsp 22 Oct 2016 His recording device was originally a hi fi separate cassette deck after also interfere with tape speed causing a slow repeating variation. your ford car stereo was made to play 22 or 45 minutes tape . As outlined above Head base D .

And Most Capstan Motors have an integrated electronic speed adjusting controller that can be tuned with a small screwdriver for these circumstances. Mar 17 2011 Every cassette deck I 39 ve ever owned had a potentiometer on the motor that controls speed. I own a Dragon and its playback is flawless. You 39 ll need to adjust the position of the belt on the inner ring of the platter. The 900 was the two head companion to the three head KX 1000 copying the style of that top of the range model allied with a belt drive transport amorphous head and various tape access and programming Nakamichi CR 7 cassette deck problems. Make sure the cassette output cables are going to the receiver 39 s quot tape quot quot cassette quot or quot aux quot input. Model 2 speed cassette deck SD 3020 Marantz Itasca Material Metal case Shape Tablemodel low profile big size . Sep 01 2018 I rescued my old Sony tape deck from the loft and although it worked there were some problems that necessitated a belt replacement. It has high speed and normal speed dubbing so great for copying tapes. Much like any technology the cassette deck was discontinued just as it had reached the peak of its development. The biggest problems with cassette were always pitch stability background noise and high frequency extension and this deck makes a reasonable job of all three areas. Offered for sale is the legendary cassette deck from 1992 in excellent working condition and cosmetic condition. Connect the Tascam 202mkVII dual cassette deck to your computer over USB and you can archive your favorite LPs mixtapes and 2 track personal recordings with ease. If for any reason the microcontroller detects abnormally high tape tension it instantly reduces winding speed. 6 inch Notes 2 Speed Cassette Deck Standard 4. 99 Offered is a vintage Marantz SD 3000 cassette deck in excellent cosmetic and working condition. It is not difficult but care must be taken during this process. When it comes to Cassette Deck Repair Just Service has been Repairing Cassette Decks since 1981. All the features on this beautiful vintage Marantz deck work as they should. For those of you too young to know the Nakamichi Dragon has the reputation of being the best cassette deck available at the end of the cycle for the format.

So I adjusted the screw on the back that seems to controls the motor speed and that seems to have fixed the problem nbsp 1 Apr 2016 For some reason I got interested in the speed of my tape decks. Oct 27 1985 Serious audio fans in search of a high performance cassette deck should also give consideration to such excellent models as Sony 39 s TC K666ES 650 Nakamichi 39 s BX 300 650 the Technics PS B100 One of the most beautiful cassette players i have ever seen. Not entirely likely to be the tapes try one on a friends deck to eliminate that one . The Sanyo RD 5350 Dolby cassette deck has one of the most advanced drive motors ever put in a tape machine. Could be your playback head is dirty some rubbing alcohol on a q tip should clear it up if it 39 s not actually a problem with with the preamp in your deck. Set of Two Belts for Aiwa XK S9000 Cassette Deck are made professionally using injection molding compression molding CNC processing etc. Always replace the entire set or you will end up back inside later finishing the job you started. be a problem serving the request at this time 3 Head 2 Speed Auto Azimuth Vintage Marantz Sd 3000 2 speed cassette deck working was tested and played very well Will PACKAGED WELL. Speeding up the playback of these tapes lets you get through them faster but cassette decks do not feature variable speed control. quot That page compares the dr 1 to the cassette deck 1 toward the end of the text and very accurately and effectively overall. Teac CX 650R cassette deck problems jeff engle 1 2008 03 26 05 08 Cassette adapter switching sides constantly. Some may nbsp I am beginning to digitize some old cassette tapes but have run into a problem many of the cassettes have significant speed pitch variations on nbsp and end of cassettes If the tape speed has suddenly become excessive nbsp Cassette death by take up torque Vintage Tape Audio Cassette A problem with the standard commercial tool was that on a high speed nbsp 21 Feb 1992 This moves the tape at double speed in both transports halving the time needed to copy a tape. For musicians and production studios the TASCAM 112MKII provides a 2 head cost effective cassette deck that is ideal for mastering and mixdown. All these points and problems led Nakamichi to the development of the world 39 s first fully automatic playback head azimuth alignment system NAAC Nakamichi Auto Azimuth Correction and its incorporation in the world 39 s first dual capstan double direct drive auto playback reverse discrete 3 head cassette deck the Nakamichi DRAGON. 00 ON Apr 03 2020 24 FOR SALE Teac W 865R Double Auto Reverse Cassette Deck 3 speed stereo turntable with belt drive 3 CD player with motorized CD tray MP3 CD and CD R RW compatible LCD clock display with sleep and timer functions Auto stop dual cassette deck Bluetooth offers wireless connectivity Programmable memory repeat skip search forward and back functions 5 mode preset equalizer Sep 02 1984 But if one had to single out the best cassette deck a leading candidate for this distinction would unquestionably be Tandberg 39 s new Model TCD 3014. I would look for a 3 head deck over a 2 head. We delete comments that violate our policy which we encourage you to read 1996 Sony TC WE305 Stereo Cassette Deck Here is a demo of my 1996 Sony TC WE305 Stereo Cassette Deck which I got it at Best Buy back in 2003 and it 39 s still runs like Sony TC WE305 Dual High Speed Dubbing Stereo Cassette Tape Deck Player Recorder Carver TDR 2400 Cassette Deck Owners Manual 21. The rear panel has standard RCA input output jacks plus the quot Remote control quot serial port. fail or their capacitance changes to such an extent to cause speed problems.

See pics scratches on top of face. Jvc TX w85 Dubbing Dual Cassette Deck. Missing two cabinet screws on back. Both Jul 19 2007 there is nothing WRONG with the radio or the tape . The required high recording speed for video recorders is realized by the helical scan system without such high tape speeds. As a fundamentally new solution to the problems of synchronization Eumig has introduced the optoelectronic synchronization control for its new cassette drives. The TP 1000 twin cassette deck is a perfect addition to your home stereo and also fully compatible with renkforce 1000 series Hi Fi towers. If your deck doesn 39 t have an outboard nbsp The speed of the tape is controlled by the pinch roller and the motor that turns the pin next to it. 99 Mitsubishi microcomponent stereo cassette tape deck. 4 Press REC on deck B and _ on deck A. Trace the wires from the motor that drives the capstan the nbsp Also if the drive rubber belt tire is worn it can cause speed problems. At the end of the reel tape speed is smoothly decreased to avoid end of tape impact. Wireless remote at bottom left. Plays most times but sometimes stops. All decks flutter it 39 s when you can hear it clearly is when further repairs will be needed. 7 Apr 2003 This eliminates a lot of the problems that are inherent in cassettes such as pressure pads and tape modulation noise. Tested played great also used the dubbing feature to make a cassette. 00 MB Jul 28 2020 23 FOR SALE JVC TD W107 Double Cassette Deck Dolby Metal Chrome High Speed Cassette Tape Decks amp Tapes 75. If the tape This should solve the problem. So to even approach Hi Fi quality was very expensive. Problems while playing tape speed faster than usual and no sound.

An audio cassette has to maintain a certain tension on its own spools to move at the correct speed. 00 See full list on productsreviewhub. 85 Features Full Logic Dolby B C Dolby HX Pro with MPX Filter Deck II Deck I Playback Auto Reverse Deck II Record and Playback Auto Reverse Large FL Display with Peak Hold 6 1 Seg. This problem is overcome by using modulation techniques Section 7. This problem is being solved by quot Quick start quot VHS video recorders which allow fast nbsp 24 Jan 2017 If you can listen to a tape deck before you buy it do so and if you can 39 t make sure there is the option to return it if there 39 s a problem. Re How to correct speed problems on Cassette deck Post by b v8an 30 Aug 2017 15 20 Just a quick suggestion. 6 inch Notes Marantz SD 4000 2 speed cassette deck If you have any questions or problems concerning your tape deck please consult your nearest Sony dealer. An exception could be made for machines with direct drive capstan motors. Here is a very special cassette deck but there is always a but huh Unfortunately after several different attempts we have to admit that we can t fix this device. So I put a tape in it and it was fine for a good 15 minutes. Instead BTO comes to the rescue with the Plusdeck 2 a product that gives you the flexibility of a cassette deck inside your PC. The tolerance of a machine made in 1990 when brand new was 0. Get your spare parts to be able to fix your cassette player. It is not the tape because it plays fine in all other players. Notes on Cassette Tapes To protect a recording on side A or B Break out the respective tab. wEject Button EJECT Press this button to open the cassette compornent cover When the tape is running press the STOP button first to stop tape transport then press the Eject button. Once I did that the deck played fine for years afterwards. Remove the top cover a find the motor there is a little hole in the back of the motor use a fine flat screwdriver to turn slowly while playing a tape this is the speed control . Aug 12 2013 so if we are to go shopping for a used deck one of the main tools you can have is a nice cassette tape you are very familiar with that you know the speed tuning of the music. Jan 15 2006 I had an old Teac 250S cassette deck that I was able to repair years ago by just changing the rubber or neoprene drive belts. It was kindly brought to me at a meet at our local audio store Gig Harbor audio .

Need to know 1 cause 2 if this is re pairable Vintage pre owned serviced Stereo Cassette Tape Decks Recorders Players that have been serviced reconditioned with a warranty for sale THAT ACTUALLY WORK FUNCTION CORRECTLY typically including brands such as Akai Luxman Nakamichi Pioneer Sony Tascam Technics Teac Yamaha for sale that have been completely serviced refurbished restored with a warranty Oct 02 2018 Dolby B noise reduction released in 1971 in Advent 39 s Model 201 cassette deck was a step in the right direction as was the introduction of three head decks with dedicated heads for erase recording and playback. Multiple recording optionsWith both decks featuring auto reverse and recording the Teac W 890R MKII offers immense flexibility in both playback and recording both decks may be used to play a continuous twin cassette loop of music both decks can parallel record at the same time Welcome to Naks. Feb 21 1992 Two other double decks meriting serious consideration are the Sony TC WR97ES a well built dual record six motor deck for 600 and the Technics RS TR555 four motor dual record deck for 400. HiFi Repair Shop Cassette Decks. It s important to do your prior research so read my reviews and comparisons to decide which model you need. Jul 19 2010 I have a Marantz SD1000 I recently restored when playing back a cassette the speed is steady for about 10 seconds before it slowly drops significantly it has new drive belts and the pinch roller has been restored would it be a capacitor or any of the kind Thanks heaps. DAW Cassette brings back the magic era of the 1980 s by emulating the sound of a tape deck. This is still an early However to register video signals a range of 3. My home is filled with the wonderful sounds of Real Live Music from Real Musicians Playing Real Instruments. Make Offer Sony TC WE305 Dual Cassette Tape Deck Recorder High Speed Dub Double Player Sony Model TC WE305 Dual Cassette Player Recorder TESTED WORKS 35. This unit comes with a CD Player cassette deck AM FM radio and plays records at 33 45 78 RPM. Dec 16 2005 A Nakamichi in good working order is the best cassette deck you can find. Jul 14 2020 Real repair work on a cassette deck is beyond most of us but some simple maintenance techniques are within grasp to fix common cassette deck problems. Completely overhauled tested calibrated and certified by ELECTRONICS SERVICE LABS Our technician has inspected the machines to confirm proper operation and calibrated the speed the biggest problem with consumer decks is that the speed is always wrong . Here is the list Top usb turntable with cassette decks on the market. Their speed changes with time and wear. schneider 08 10 37 06 08 06 1 The Plus Deck cassette drive only plays at standard speed so cassettes have to be dubbed to WAV or MP3 in real time so copying a C60 cassette will take an hour.

The cassette player won 39 t play cassettes. This is the Dual C 839 RC single cassette deck with full auto reverse. Sep 15 2017 The problem is usually in the cassettes not the cassette player. While there 39 s no real rational logic to it the sound color gives us chills down the spines or it might be the mullet haircut that tickles . Marblehead 220 Kenwood KX 910 Solid State Stereo Cassette Deck 1970 39 s Thousand Palms 95 Jan 30 2018 A dual capstan deck solves these problems by pulling the tape taut across the play head aligning the tape position in the process and so reducing playback problems arising from cassette faults. You could adjust it with a jewelers screw driver. Dec 20 2010 Forosdeelectronica forum user Dano has made just such a device from used cassette decks and miscellaneous parts Another fun aspect of this project is the modded drive speed which would In 1982 Kenwood launched what was to become a long lived dynasty of upmarket two head cassette decks. 99 The direct drive transport provides optimal tape speed stability which keeps the wow and flutter problems found on other cassette decks to a minimum. Car Marine and Computer Products Call 1 800 421 1404 BIC T 2 2 Speed Cassette Deck. The problem is that you say the dr 1 uses the same 2 heads as the cassette deck 2. Since I don 39 t have a calibration tape e. We would use Cassette test tapes that had full track test tones for speed and azimuth adjustments. MP3 CD and CD R RW Compatible Skip Search Forward and Back Repeat 1 Single Disc All Discs. Report hello i found a Technics RS 616 cassette deck but it has a problem. If you want an all in one music solution JENSEN can provide it. Page 2 Dolby the double D symbol Dolby Noise Reduction and HX Pro Headroom Extension manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. The deck is quite noisy when you play with the auto reverse stop etc. The decks have one playback only postion and one play record position. 00 BC Jul 03 2020 8 Jul 24 2013 Jensen 3 Speed Stereo Turntable with 3 CD Changer and Pyle Pt659du Pro Dual Stereo Cassette Deck Jensen 3 Speed Stereo Turntable with 3 CD Changer and Dual Audio Buys online store offers deals on brand name Cassette Player audio system radio turntable CD player cassette player stereo system record player wireless Cassette Deck Belts 11 results like Bic Cassette Deck Part belt Dust off your records compact discs and cassette tapes and start listening to all your favorite music on the JENSEN JTA 475B 3 Speed belt driven stereo turntable.

Oct 04 2003 My dad owned two 1500 Nakamichi 680ZX dual speed 3 head decks that were the best of the best back in 39 79 but one developed transport problems years later. Cassettes are durable can be easily repaired and are handy as CDs which also applies to the cassette player compared to the CD player. belts idler tires and pinch rollers wear out or dry out and become less frictive. No matter what you re looking for or where you are in the world our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Head magnetization used to occur sometimes on early decks using DC erase for 2 reasons. The dr 1 uses the exact same 3 heads as the cassette deck 1 which makes the dr 1 somewhat superior to your description. When a cassette is inserted it seems to switch the amplifier to cassette mode and then it ejects the audio cassette I took the player out of the car and carefully removed both the top and bottom covers Dec 08 2007 1. Many stereo cassette players have high quality deep bass speakers and are quite useful for playing cassette tapes at Oct 04 2017 2nd deck from the top SONY WR 531 double deck Auto reverse Dolby B C High speed dubbing refurbished to fully working 125 165 3rd deck from the top Fisher CR 150 single deck 3 Head high quality head refurbished to fully working 135 185 I also have the matching amplifier and tuner Cassette Deck repair Nakamichi Pioneer Teac Akai Technics Sansui Sony Awia and more Page 2 Cassette Tape Problems First you need to check if the tapes are the cause of the problems. But is you are really lucky there is a speed adjust variable resistor in there that just needs nbsp and end of cassettes Where the tape speed has suddenly become excessive nbsp Common faults with cassette players and decks is wow and flutter and speed problems so take a tape with either slow piano or material that includes long notes nbsp 21 Oct 2005 I 39 ve seen a number of posts the past couple of years concerning tape decks playing too fast or too slow. Mar 16 2020 A very common problem with cassette decks is the record play switch contacts getting old and oxidized. Tandberg and Tascam also make nice decks. There seemed to be a lot of grease around the spindle that drives the cassette. Break nbsp If your favorite cassette deck is not listed here and you think it should be tell me The problem is not like it was with older Naks but it still exists to some degree. I have recorded over a 100 cassette tapes on this deck and sometimes when I am playing them they sound so good and clear I have to do a double take to make sure I am not listening to a CD. This is over 100 times as fast as the tape speed for an audio cassette deck. Eject the tape from the cassette player place the tape in the palm of your hand and rap it against a flat surface three 3 times. A Constant speed drive mechanism C Brake drive mechanism. Amazing quality build to last. Often there will be a 2 or 3 percent speed difference between different cassette decks or between a deck when new and that SAME deck a year later. EP speed is 1 3 of this 7 16 ips. Dual capstan decks reduced speed variations by grabbing the tape on both the feed and take up sides of the head cluster.

Cassette Decks sometimes may need to be recalibrated on Speed and tested on Drift and Wow amp Flutter. There may be some minor scratches. Fwd rew and rec don 39 t work. Jan 21 2005 I 39 ve had a Nakamichi 582 for 20 odd years but there are problems with this brand. There are differences in playback between machines of the same manufacturer. Demagnetizing removes the residual magnetic fields that can build up on ferrous pole pieces of the tape heads and various guideposts and other parts in the tape path which may affect frequency response. like a favorite record or something. A three head dual capstan deck with Dolby B and Dolby C noise reduction it Modern cassette tape players or cassette decks have many advanced features. But the real credit goes to American scientist Sir Thomas Elva Edison who came up with his talking machine Apr 13 2016 We run on a workhorse Tascam 112MKII cassette deck patched into an Analog to Digital Converter and capturing preservation level audio files uncompressed WAV at bit depth of 24 bits and 96kHz sample rate in WaveLab 8. A dual capstan machine doesn 39 t rely on the pressure pad in the cassette shell and tapes with the pad missing can be played. NEVER USE OLD TAPE for any new projects 2 Your machine is not Speed Stable in Play. This is a 2 head cassette deck using the famous Twin Field Super GX head. Page 19 Cleaning Service and Support Center Hours. May 23 2020 Out of all the dual cassette decks made there was only one worthy one made and it was a Sony ES model that cost over 1000. This deck output is a bit mellow in sound at low volume but if you blast the volume this deck will output great sound. I would use a frequency counter to adjust the speed. Had it worked properly it would have been an OK deck.

After that most repairs concern replacing worn out parts which is usually not too expensive. 1 day ago New belts fitted Heads cleaned and demagnetised Dolby BC HiLO speed dubbing Headphone input 1255172396 Alternatively Shimano s 11 speed 11 46T cassette the widest available compatible with existing 11 speed drop bar shift levers offers similarly disruptive 15. Goes without saying that the deck also enables cassette dubbing. You probably haven t listened Feb 06 2009 The problem with cassette machines is that they are really marginal as to the quality of the sound reproduction. For sale AIWA AD F660 CASSETTE DECK ONLY. Marantz PMD 300CP Professional Rack mount Dual Deck Cassette USB Recorder Player 7. The MOST common problem that will cause the above is TAPE GUNK on the heads and guides Read the above And DO NOT USE OLD TAPE The next is a very rock hard PINCH ROLLER or one that is so old that there is a wear pattern on the pinch roller. 00 ON Jul 04 2020 6 FOR SALE TEAC V 430X Stereo Cassette Deck Cassette Tape Decks amp Tapes 70. High Speed Dubbing Stereo Cassette Deck SCT 56 Owner s Manual Please read before using this equipment. get the right playback pitch on that particular tape tho I doubt it. 4 average jumps but a more Uraby from Speed Duel Decks Ultimate Predators for Jvc TX w85 Dubbing Dual Cassette Deck. Apr 13 2012 LPs and 45 rpm singles remained the unchallenged music formats throughout the 1950s 1960s and well into the 1970s when the Compact Cassette really took off. I received my Jensen JMC 1250 Bluetooth 3 Speed Stereo TrunTable 3 CD Changer Music System W Dual Cassette Deck. One probably the result of the other. Press tape selector Normal Special CrO2 Fe Cr Metal. Now the problem is that the track width is less than 1 16 quot and the tape speed is only 1 7 8 ips. FYI I performed this fix on a Sony TC WE835S cassette deck which is a dual cassette deck with very similar construction to the TC WR535. May 26 2003 Because the cassette deck is playing at twice the speed you will not have all of the spectrum transfered as it is beyond the f response of the heads circuitry and there will be HF boosts emphasized in a way that when you slow it down in the DAW it will not sound natural. More info later but more you can get from my post on Ebay. Tape deck has not been serviced for many years and will surely benefit from a service belts etc. Random Play Programmable Memory Multi function Back lit LCD Display.

Jun 09 2020 Watch NAKAMICHI CASSETTE DECK dm_e111b985c21e91850bc79dc3e315dc0b on Dailymotion. Depending on exactly what type Any problems with tight tapes and varying loads on one deck will affect the smooth running and accuracy of the other deck. Model 2 speed cassette deck SD 4000 50 amp 60 Hz Marantz Itasca Material Metal case Shape Tablemodel low profile big size . Changing the speed requires opening the cassette deck and adjusting the screw that controls the motor. Apr 22 2005 If this happens on more than one cassette player the problem must be the tape. What you would be doing is taking an analog recording and then essentially slowing it down. Monday Friday except Holidays 7 30 11 30 AM and 12 30 4 00 PM PST. Otherwise it sound great for a cassette deck. Nakamichi Cassette Deck 2 review amp cassingles demo Still a very high quality cassette deck even if it wasn 39 t Nakamichi 39 s best. Find many great new amp used options and get the best deals for BIC T 2 2 Speed Cassette Deck at the best online prices at eBay Shop a wide selection of Cassette Players Decks and USB to MP3 Converters. DIY Cassette Deck Drive Belts Music suddenly stops deck starts going back and forth and then the cassette is ejected in disgust you insert it back and listen a sound of a motor spinning uselessly that 39 s the sound of a drive belt failure. Smae thing happens if I try to Fast Forward or Reverse the tape. Also remember you 39 re going from analog to digital there. Various methods The signal bandwidth of the system is proportional to tape speed. Items in the Worthopedia are obtained exclusively from licensors and partners solely for our members research needs. The power button is not correct it has been replaced with a different button which sits to far into the face plate but it does work and the unit can be turned off and on with no problem. 99 Time Remaining 13d 19h 16m Buy It Now for only 21. You have to consider that cd will sound better overall then a cassette. 7 out of 5 stars 338 Cassette All discussions pertaining to cassette decks.

When you press play the capstan and pinch roller move at the correct speed but the takeup spool is locked in place. Hiss is pretty good and there Common faults with cassette players and decks is wow and flutter and speed problems so take a tape with either slow piano or material that includes long notes that will highlight speed fluctuations and listen very carefully. Also the tape sometimes plays at regular speed if you rewind the tape fast forward it and Jul 19 2018 The EMI 39 s whether early ones such as my quot Gold quot Beatles cassettes or my 80 39 s XDR ones which appear to have been recorded with a really healthy signal just play fine for a bit a few secs then become fluttery then gradually slow until the tape comes to a stand still. by the rotational speed of the capstan. Item name Set of Two Belts for Aiwa XK S9000 Cassette Deck. Computing the approximate voltage gain needed from the input source NAC 32. The deck rewinds and fast forwards well however play does not work. Eventually if 1 2 watt of ac power is to be dissipated into the resistive end load of 32 then the prerequisite for Vload is Vload 16 or higher. Aug 29 2016 Plus a Calibration Drift and Wow amp Flutter Setting. otherwise the machine would be pushed along the table. compact disc at a touch of a button when your tape deck is connected to High speed recording is not possible when recording from the LINE IN REC jacks. If you want to play digital music and mix CDs the player is compatible with MP3 CD and CD R RW. As you have noted repairs are very difficult and as the company has changed owners parts are a problem particularly down here New Zealand . Dimensions WHD 416 x 146 x 243 mm 16. Cassette decks are terrible about speed accuracy. There is one advantage of a single motor dual deck all be it small is when recording cassette to Aug 30 2003 Re Onkyo Integra TA 2600 cassette deck speed adjustment Posted by NoTransistors A on August 30 2003 at 07 52 24 In Reply to Onkyo Integra TA 2600 cassette deck speed adjustment posted by j_par on August 30 2003 at 04 31 59 Jun 07 2006 Topic Superscope Stereo Cassette deck model Cd 302A with output problem in the left channel in playback mode Brian McGowan 22 34 03 06 07 06 2 Re Superscope Stereo Cassette deck model Cd 302A with output problem in the left channel in playback mode chuck. Dimensions WHD 417 x 148 x 270 mm 16. The only thing that doesn 39 t work properly Apr 01 1999 The 805S has a number of other useful features such as a pitch control a problem with decks as they get older and high speed as well as normal dubbing capability. The shipment of cassette decks including cassette decks fitted with a radio is steadily increasing from 5 570 thousand units 42 of the total shipment in 1985 to 7 400 thousand units 57 in 1989. I had a breakdown after only 12 months and have had to replace the tape transport on my deck. These include general usage recording playback and service questions. It 39 s functionality is similar to the 3 head system except that monitoring of the just recorded signal is not possible.

Pitch fluctuations of one nbsp This is over 100 times as fast as the tape speed for an audio cassette deck. My three head three motor TEAC cost me 1200 in the early eighties. It also has a few features that you may or may not use e. Speed Calibration Test Tape has sine signal recorded on well maintained quartz controlled cassette deck. But if you still interested well let s get started. inside the radio there is a sensing device that if the tape gets stuck or is damage it switches to the other side of the tape if not it will eject the tape The AKAI GX F31 was part of the 1982 line up of cassette deck recorders. Marantz SD 1000 2 Speed Cassette Deck This Marantz SD 1000 is a stereo cassette deck with Dolby B noise reduction it was first sold by Marantz in 1979 with a recommended retail price of USD 245 and discontinued 2 years later in 1981. If it doesn t press stop then fast forward stop again and reverse. Sony CFS W338 Stereo Boombox with Dual Cassette Decks and 2 Speed Tape Dubbing. Only 1 left in stock order Winding a 90 minute tape takes no more than 75 seconds at constant linear tape speed. The MOST common problem that will cause the nbsp To eliminate any problems with the cassette shell commercially available prerecorded cassettes were usually created by bulk high speed duplication. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Cassette Player Tape to MP3 Converter Portable Walkman Cassette Player USB Cassette Capture Save to USB Flash Drive Directly No Need Computer USB Stick Included 3. Does anyone have a idea at what may cause My 1980 300 TD Becker Mexico Radio Cassette Deck is giving me some grief The radio works just fine. I can 39 t find this IC anywhere Even the IC Master gt doesn 39 t list it so the easiest solution seems to be to just replace the motor Offered is an absolutely beautiful and well functioning Marantz SD 4000 Sendust Alloy 3 head 2 speed cassette deck and this really perfect deck comes from the year 1978. The tape nbsp The new cassette deck DK 76 has been designed with emphasis on sound quality fashionable design and reliability copyright problem. com Aug 10 2020 Pioneer CT W404R stereo double cassette deck recorder. Bowganian from Speed Duel Decks Twisted Nightmares for Jvc TX w85 Dubbing Dual Cassette Deck. Images and specifications for the GX Z5000 GX Z5300 GX Z6300EV GX Z7100 GX Z7100EV GX Z9100 GX Z9100EV 201 AD 1250 and AD 1600 Cassette Decks Cassette Deck Database HiFi Engine Search Item Speed calibration test tape for cassette deck or walkman or boombox 3000 Hz. File Sony TC RX55 cassette deck. Forums Off topic discussion Cassette deck problem. It is present at the output of the RCA plugs and i can see it on the vu meter. It needs higher quality chrome or metal tape for best results and that might make it less of a good buy if you just plan to play pre recorded tapes but for home recorders it s a solid three head deck with Dolby S and the I recently acquired an old cassette deck record player combo from around the mid 80 39 s I believe and have been having some issues with the cassette deck in it.

If I bypass the speed control circuit and apply 12V directly to the gt windings the motor spins. Box 61141 Denver CO 80206 303 698 1296 . cassette deck speed problem

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